The Engineering Behind Bird Houses and Bird Cages

how bird houses are made

You are probably a curious spectator wondering how one of the world’s most unknown hobbies works. The engineering behind bird houses and bird cages is something that nobody ever really wonders about, as they mostly see it as something of a tedious, boring task that isn’t really worth their time.


Unfortunately for those people, they have absolutely no idea what they are missing out on. The engineering behind bird houses and bird cages is something that is just absolutely fascinating, especially when you take in the perspective of the birds that live inside of them.


It’s something that everyone who has a hobby in this area loves to do, building bird houses and building bird cages are something that they, and myself, consider to be one of the most relaxing tasks available to the human populace. It is considered to be one of the most relaxing and most fun things for people to do when they need to unwind or have some piece of mind for an extremely good reason, one of which is the reason that you are here and searching for.


It is something like a meditation when building bird houses, whether there used for decoration or for more practical uses. It’s used to really get your head straight after a difficult day, and you need something to wo with your hands and your creativity that you can build in such a way that you won’t feel even more burned out.


Now, something that everyone needs to know when they start this amazing hobby is the fundamentals and basics of the engineering behind bird houses and bird cages. If you know how the bits and pieces all fit together than you’ll be able to start your building really quick, without any sort of problem, it won’t take you long at all to get the hang of it.


So, to figure out all these things, how a bird house and cage works, the difference between the two and how it can benefit you as a person in today’s society and standard, you came to this amazing deep dive analyze on how these things work. So, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a deep dive analyze of the engineering behind bird houses and bird cages.

The Two Fundamental Types of Bird Houses


There are two different, fundamentally at least bird houses. There are ones that are made to be purely decorative, which is just amazing, especially done right, and there is the bird house that is built with functionality in mind, which is also just amazing as it can give birds proper homes for them to rest, relax, eat, and live comfortably in, whether that’s inside a building our outside in a lovely garden, or forest.


Decorative bird houses don’t have much that needs to be done. As they are purely for decorative purposes, to make your garden, or lawn a little more decorative, they don’t need to function as a usual bird’s house. To say the least, it is much faster, and much easier, and a whole lot more fun to make a simple, decorative bird house that is really just for general fun.


A functional bird house on the other hand is used for functionality, it’s used for a bird to live in, to be comfortable, and eat in. So, it needs a little more love put into it to make sure that it doesn’t fall around the bird’s little head. Now, a functional bird house has tons of different variations, a bird house can be big, small, attached to a tree branch, a pole, etc.


They can also have different features in them to make a bird more comfortable in there home. There was a man that I knew that made a bird house that had some dispensable bird food in it, which really drew a ton of birds to it every day at every hour of the week.


To really make a bird house, if its either functional or for decoration, there are a few fundamentals that should are needed for it to work. It obviously, needs its four walls, a floor, and a ceiling for it to work. All of those can be easily attached with a few simple little nails. Next, you can add a little hook on the back of it, or on top of it, so that you can easily hang it up wherever you need to.


Keep note though that a lot of decorative bird houses, and even some actually functioning ones don’t have a hook, and are just placed on some stable surface, or nailed to a wall, or glued even to some surface. All of which is perfectly okay to do, as long as you’re not accidentally damaging anything.


Next you can add a little perch in the front of the bird house for a bird to take a bit of a rest on during the day. It can be very beautiful to add that to the bird house and is very necessary for a functioning bird house. For a decorative one though, you don’t need to add the perch if you don’t really want one, but it is always encouraged in order to make it seem as realistic as it can be. Though that doesn’t mean that should stifle your creativity of it, do whatever you need to do to relax and be creative, it’s an amazing process and no rule can ever really tie it down in that sort of case.


Of course, you need to add a functioning bird perch in order for a bird to, of course, perch on top of it, and for it to, of course, get inside it. So, it’s obviously something that you are gonna need to add to a functioning bird house. Now, that is all really great to know and hopefully it’s something that you can really add to your own creativity and relaxation process. So, next up, we will be talking about the difference between a bird house, and a bird cage, which are extremely different and should be put into consideration when you start to buy one or even build one for your own pet bird.

The Fundamental Difference Between a Bird House and a Bird Cage


As you can imagine, there is a very big difference between a bird house and a bird cage. Both of them are very interesting in their mechanics and uses. The thing to really note about this though, is that a bird house can be either used for functionality, fun crafting times, or both. A bird cage on the other hand is used completely for functionality, it’s a place for your bird to live in, in your house.


A bird’s cage is also typically made of pure metal, small metal poles, a bird’s house on the other hand is usually made of wood, sometimes metal, but mostly wood. It’s made of metal for tons of different reasons, and all of them are good and sensible.


A little note, a typical bird house is usually made of wood, for functionality, it’s a lot easier to put wood together with a few tiny nails, but it’s made of wood because it can blend in with the woods, and branches that surround it, making the birds that come visit a lot more comfortable to come in for some rest. Again, it just makes a lot of sense for it to be made of that material.


Anyway, a bird’s cage is made of metal first and foremost because it is comfortable for the bird in a way that it can be caged properly, while still allowing it to breath and look around comfortably. It’s also made that way to keep it clean for a lot longer. You can put paper on the bottom of the cage when you first install it, and that’s a major help to keeping things sanitary, but the cage itself is made of metal to make cleaning up accidents extremely easy. All you have to do is take out anything in the cage that can’t get wet, then hose it off in the back yard, done deal.


Next is durability, a bird house, and a bird’s cage are made with the idea that it can last for a long time to come, a bird’s cage more so than a bird’s house. A bird’s house is usually left outside, where the elements can erode away at it, a bird’s cage is made of metal and is usually left inside a house, or general building. The metal is used in a way that it can keep up with multiple birds at a time, depending on the size, and to stay structurally sound and clean for the duration of a bird’s lifespan, and beyond, hopefully its strong enough to last a few bird’s life times.


Another major difference between a bird’s house and a birds cage is that fact that a bird’s cage is a lot less creative. Sure, you can bend the metal of the cage, and make some amazing art with it, while still keeping it functional if that’s what you’re going for. A bird house on the other hand is used for painting and different little structural differences that just enhance the look of whatever place it’s in. That is amazing for both, but there is something that bird cages do to make up for its lack in creativity through paints, it has modifications, you can put a bird’s swing, tunnels, and such inside the cage to make sure that your bird is having a ton of fun.


Lastly, a major difference between a bird house and birds cage is probably the fact that they have two different functions. Well, they have the same function in essence, but they really don’t. See, a bird’s house is used to give birds out in the wild outdoors a rest, your local bird can come into your front lawn and perch on it for a few minutes, maybe have a snack if you left one there for them. A bird’s cage though is used for a more important, permanent use, it’s used to make sure that your pet bird is safe, contained, and clean for the duration of the time that it’s a bird in your house.



This was the functionality and engineering behind bird houses and bird cages. They are both fascinating things, and can be used for relaxation, and homes for your beautiful birds for sale. A bird cage is usually bought, whereas a bird house is usually built, though that doesn’t mean that you can’t just buy a bird house in some retail store, or you can order either one online. Either way, it can be amazing to have no matter what, because you can use them for a multitude of things.


The first thing that we talked about on this here list is the fact that there are two fundamentally different types of bird houses, a bird house that is used for creative, recreational uses, and another that is used for functional use for the birds that are living out in the wild. Building either one as a hobby is a ton of fun and is very simple to build, as you only need a few bits of wood, and some nails to cobble it all together. It shouldn’t take you much time to figure out how to build one, especially when you have all the materials necessary, and you have a picture of one to figure out to put all the pieces in their proper places.


Next, we talked about the fundamental difference between a bird house and a bird cage, both of which are amazing and can be sued for multiple things, but a bird cage is used to house a pet bird, and a bird house is used to give birds out in the wild a rest and for fun for yourself.


That was the amazing deep dive analysis of the engineering behind bird houses and bird cages, we hope that you learned something amazing from this list, and we hope that were able to encourage you to start building your own bird houses, even just once in order to really experience the relaxation that it gives.