What it Means to Have an Engineering Degree

how to get an engineering degree


The word engineer comes from the Latin word implores, meaning ‘skilled sellers’. The emphasis on engineering and science in most sectors of society results in the undervaluing of human skills and the value of interpersonal relationships.

During the engineering and science eras, many social factors were considered important, including ethics, equity, social efficiency, functionality, cost-effectiveness, and even tourism. During this era of history, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were true visionaries.

Edison had a reputation as a perfectionist and was almost obsessed with the ideals his scientific thinking could achieve. He had a habit of taking off two hours after work to complete a personal project such as designing the houndstooth purse for his wife that used all of his powers of analysis and logic.

In the field of engineering, electrical engineers are responsible for researching, designing, and building power-producing electrical systems.

Biomedical engineers work with biological organisms to discover, develop, and evaluate metabolic processes and cell properties in living tissues and organs.

Industrial engineers are responsible for overseeing the construction or production of products. The field of industrial engineering deals with the quantitative as well as qualitative aspects of production.

Quantitative industrial engineers mathematically analyzes raw data and builds statistical models, which are used to improve efficiency, purity, and performance of a product.

qualitatively industrial engineers will examine raw data and discover problems that need to be solved. They will then have to solve problems using their quantitative skills and knowledge. The methods that quantitative industrial engineers use for problem-solving are often machine-learning methods.

statisticians are the people who recite the data and assign cause and effect regarding variables. They are also involved in the interpretation of data and have a firm understanding of the notion of randomness, epidemiology, and performance metrics.


Statisticians are also skilled in probability and statistics, but their specialty is in the area of statistics only. They are not industrial engineers.

Industrial engineers

This pair of terms forms the end stage of the engineering analogy. They are closely related to industrial production and have common courses in engineering, statistics, algebra, and calculus.

Theoretical engineer

The research and development activities in engineering are carried out by theoretical physicists and engineers. They are also involved in the search for probable engineering solutions to problems.

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